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Paternal Intuition

Paternal Intuition


Preston Livingston is a highly talented architect and is ready to start a family with his beautiful wife, Tia. Still, after two years of trying, their chances are cut short once they learn Pierre is the reason for infertility. Desperate to complete his family, he asks his brother Quinton for help with IUI. Once Quinton agrees, Preston gets cold feet. After disappointing his wife too many times, he's stuck between his ego and making his wife happy. Tia's on the brink of an emotional breakdown. At the same time, Preston has a mental explosion as old grudges and secret feelings threaten this happily ever after when boundaries get crossed and true intentions unrivaled. Will they go through with the IUI, or will Preston change his mind and follow his gut?

Quinton is a known real estate agent loyal to those loyal to him. After learning he needed his help with starting a family, he obliged. Once they realize who Quinton truly is, things turn deadly.

You can find out in this new drama that will blow your mind in two.

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