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Author Ashli Foxx

Ashli Foxx was born and raised in Columbia, SC. Her passion for writing started after an accident left her with a spinal injury. To find an outlet for her anxiety, she came across urban novels. The love after reading other novels sparked a fire for her to create her masterpiece in 2016. In 2019 Queen Ink Publishing was born. To date, she has written over ten books, one TV series, and a kid book, and published eight novels with more in the works!

Now that she has engaged herself in the literary industry as an Author, Publisher, Ghostwriter, and Creative Mentor. Ashli is now dedicated to helping other aspiring writers become skilled self-published authors. She wants to help black authors reach readers around the globe.

In the future, Ashli will open Queen Ink Cafe for Book Lovers, Specialty Drink Enthusiasts, Foodies, and all urban creators from Writers, Painters, Artists, Illustrators, Film Directors, Social Media Influencers, Graphic Designers, Interior Designer and more!

Mission: Queen Ink Publishing LLC is a haven for urban creator’s to pour into themselves in all aspects. Our goal is to provide quality services that turn aspiring writers into skilled authors, our customers into readers, and our readers into loyal customers.

Vision: To bring urban creators together to create black magic.

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